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The Geenius HCV Supplemental Assay Difference

At Bio-Rad, the Geenius HCV Supplemental Assay will soon replace time-consuming conventional blot testing to confirm the presence of anti-HCV antibodies in venous whole blood, serum, and plasma samples from blood donors or hospitalized patients.

Conventional blot techniques involve time-consuming steps that require extensive hands-on time. Manuel data transcription can result in errors and oftentimes testing is sent out to other laboratories.


The Geenius HCV Supplemental Assay helps decrease hands-on time, features a flexible, more convenient testing protocol, and is routinely used on hundreds of systems worldwide.​

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Saves Time

The Geenius HCV Supplemental Assay gives you results in just 20 minutes! A single cassette replaces the hands-on time and up to 20-hour processing time typical of conventional blot techniques.

More Time-Saving Reasons to Switch to Geenius

The Geenius HCV Supplemental Assay is an easy-to-use system that tests each patient sample with one test cassette. With Geenius, controls are not needed for each run.

Conventional HCV Blot Geenius HCV Supplemental Assay
Expertise needed Minimal training required
Batch testing On-demand testing

Provides Convenient Testing

The Geenius HCV Supplemental Assay simplifies HCV testing and interpretation, eliminating the need to send samples out to specialized laboratories. HCV confirmatory expertise is brought to your fingertips.​

Conventional Blot Materials


One Geenius Cassette

More Convenience Reasons to Switch to Geenius

From full traceability to simple storage to testing many sample types, the Geenius HCV Supplemental Assay offers the convenience you need to get things done.

Conventional HCV Blot Geenius HCV Supplemental Assay​​
Manual transcription required Clear and easy automatic interpretation
Refrigeration required Room temperature storage
Serum, plasma Serum, plasma, venous whole blood

Delivers High Performance

Following the success of the Geenius HIV assay, Bio-Rad continued to innovate. Applying expertise and ingenuity to the HCV confirmatory testing has resulted in excellent demonstrated results from the Geenius HCV Supplemental Assay.

In just two years since its launch, the Geenius HCV Supplemental Assay has been used routinely by customers in more than 20 countries and has obtained many regulatory certifications.


Geenius HCV Supplemental Assay

Rapid Confirmation of Hepatitis C Virus Infection

The Geenius HCV Supplemental Assay aids in the confirmation of anti-HCV antibodies in venous whole blood, serum, and plasma samples from blood donors or hospitalized patients.

  • 2-step protocol delivers results in just 20 minutes
  • Testing at room temperature, storage from 2–30°C
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