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ADAGIO and Antimicrobial
Susceptibility Testing Reagents

Bio-Rad offers a complete and up-to-date range of antimicrobial susceptibility testing products, from AST reagents to the ADAGIO system, dispenser, and susceptibility media, to optimize your workflow.

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Your Complete AST Solution

Everything You Need for Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing

  • AST disks (plus dispenser and media)
  • ADAGIO System


Antibiotic Susceptibility Disks

Improved Workflow in Clinical Microbiology Laboratories

Improved Traceability

Improved Standardization


Automated Reading and Interpretation

The ADAGIO Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing System is an automated imaging device that reads and interprets antibiotic disks and MIC strips. The Bio-Rad automatic disk recognition feature improves the reading process for reliability and confidence in your result interpretation.

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  • Intuitive software ensures fast adoption
  • Bi-directional connection with LIS/MW providers and ID systems secures data transmission
  • Daily automatic network database and plate images backup

Data Management and Traceability To Make Certification Easier

  • Quality control results management and data monitoring
  • Traceability of antibiotic disks, MIC strips and culture media batch numbers for every single analysis

Built-In Expertise

  • ADAGIO System and AST disks align with the EUCAST, CLSI and CASFM-EUCAST guidelines and recommendations
  • Bio-Rad releases yearly Expert System updates that follow the new EUCAST, CLSI, and CASFM-EUCAST recommendations
  • Powerful Epidemiology Module monitors resistance trends and nosocomial infections

Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Reagents

Bio-Rad offers the most comprehensive line of antimicrobial susceptibility disks for semi-quantitative in vitro susceptibility testing of previously isolated pure cultures of microorganisms.

For a full list of reagents and antibiotic disks, download our brochure.

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Family of antibiotic disks available:

  • Beta-lactams
  • Macrolides
  • Aminoglycosides
  • Fluoroquinolones
  • Cyclines
  • Other antibiotics

Automate your AST testing with the ADAGIO System and Bio-Rad's 116 antimicrobial susceptibility testing disks.

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Infectious Disease Testing Solutions

Quality Control

Bio-Rad quality control solutions feature QC products, data management tools and services covering hundreds of analytes and thousands of methods.

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BRiCare Support and Monitoring

Bio-Rad's instrument monitoring application for remote service and support. BRiCare is available for all of Bio-Rad's diagnostic instruments for continuous monitoring and remote sessions with an instrument's computer.

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