A screening flow cytometer without limits.

Break bottlenecks with the ZE5 Cell Analyzer.

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Maximize your productivity with the automation-enabled ZE5 Cell Analyzer

You’ve waited long enough for a screening flow cytometer built for automated, high-parameter screening assays. The ZE5 Cell Analyzer is the only screening instrument with the ideal combination of high sample throughput, smart sample handling, and superior speed, resolution, and sensitivity to meet your drug discovery needs. Its application programming interface (API) facilitates integration into any workcell, so you can power through screening campaigns faster and with larger panels than ever before.

The ZE5 Cell Analyzer is not just another high-color flow cytometer. It is the long-awaited solution for your high productivity needs with the added benefits of superior performance and unparalleled flexibility.

Flow Cytometer Built for Automation

  • High-throughput ready hardware and software
  • Maximal productivity with integrated automation and 24/7 operation
  • High-speed acquisition without compromising data quality
  • Superior assay design and instrumentation flexibility
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Want to Perform High-Throughput Flow Cytometry?

Speed up your discovery without compromise

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100,000 EVENTS per sec

without data loss or compromised resolution

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96-well plates in 15 min 384-well plates in 50 min

ensuring low carryover at high speed with high-throughput screening

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24/7 with a single operator

using high-capacity fluidics tanks

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with flexible import options for routine experiments

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Efficient and flexible sample handling

  • Switch between tube racks and plates with zero effort using the integrated sample loader
  • Maintain sample integrity during long screens with on‑board temperature control and orbital agitator
  • Save precious samples through ZE5 Cell Analyzer's unique ability to sample from volumes under 10 µl
  • Allow sampling from v-bottom 384‑well plates with minimal dead volume using automated probe height calibration

Seamless integration into workcells and LIMS

  • Automate plate loading using robotics within a workcell
  • Integrate the ZE5 Cell Analyzer with LIMS and scheduling software through an application programming interface (API)
  • Experience a vendor-agnostic API allowing seamless integration with a wide range of automation providers for full customization
ZE5 Cell Analyzer
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High-throughput friendly software

  • Dedicated high-throughput mode allowing fast acquisition with minimal user intervention
  • Multiple export options for data files (FCS 3.1) and statistics
  • Rapid visual screen of target regions on the entire plate with Hit Detection and Heat Map features
 See hit detection and heat map data 

24/7 operation with large-capacity fluidics upgrades

  • 20-liter level-sensed external fluidics cart
  • Direct house dH2O connection as sheath source
external fluidics cart
ZE5 Cell Analyzer

Discover the ZE5 Cell Analyzer

Get the inside view of how the ZE5 Cell Analyzer works. And learn about the benefits of a flow cytometer built for high-throughput analysis.

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*The Ascent system from Propel Labs shown in the video is an example of a ZE5 Cell Analyzer integration solution