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Flow cytometry

Break bottlenecks with the ZE5 Cell Analyzer.

Maximize your productivity with the automation-enabled ZE5 Cell Analyzer

Phenotypic drug discovery, therapeutic antibody screening, and cancer biomarker discovery often require the processing of hundreds or thousands of samples each day. These multiplex, large-scale assays can therefore benefit from high-throughput and high-parameter flow cytometry with integrated automation.

Meet the ZE5 Cell Analyzer — It’s not just another high-color flow cytometer. It is the long-awaited solution for your high productivity needs with added benefits of superior performance and unparalleled flexibility.


A Flow Cytometer Built for Automation

  • High throughput-ready hardware and software
  • Maximal productivity with integrated automation
    and 24/7 operation
  • High-speed acquisition without compromising
    data quality
  • Superior assay design and instrumentation flexibility

 Watch ZE5 automation presentation

Want to perform high-throughput flow cytometry?

Speed up your discovery without compromise

100,000 EVENTS per second

without data loss or compromised resolution

96-well plates in < 15 min
384-well plates in < 50 min

ensuring low carryover at high speed with high throughput screening

24/7 with a single operator

using high capacity fluidics tanks


with flexible import options for routine experiments

 See speed, sampling, and carryover data ▸

Efficient and flexible sample handling

  • Switch between tube racks and plates with zero effort using the integrated sample loader
  • Maintain sample integrity during long screens with on‑board temperature control and orbital agitator
  • Save precious samples through ZE5’s unique ability to sample from volumes under 10ul
  • Allow sampling from v-bottom 384‑well plates with minimal dead volume using automated probe height calibration

Seamless integration into workcells and LIMS

  • Automate plate loading using robotics within a workcell
  • Integrate the ZE5 Cell Analyzer with LIMS and scheduling software through an application programming interface (API)
  • Choose the turnkey Ascent System from Propel Labs or select your own integration partner for full customization

High-throughput-friendly software

  • Dedicated high-throughput mode allowing fast acquisition without any user intervention
  • Multiple export options for data files (FCS 3.1) and statistics
  • Rapid visual screen of target regions on the entire plate with Hit Detection and Heat Map features

 See hit detection and heat map data ▸

24/7 operation with large capacity fluidics upgrades

  • 20-liter level-sensed external fluidics cart
  • Direct house DI connection as sheath source

*The Ascent system from Propel Labs shown in the video is an example of a ZE5 integration solution

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