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Antibody Guide

New Secondary Antibody Guide

Secondary Antibody Guide

Topics include:

  • Binding locations and CH2/3 domains
  • Schematic of immunoglobulin subclasses
  • Cross-adsorbed and isotype specific antibodies
  • Multiplexing
  • Antibody selection tool
  • Application protocols and resources

Your guide to successful secondary antibody experiments.

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Bio-Rad’s secondary antibody guide is easy-to-read and practical, explaining step-by-step what you need to know, what you need to do, and how to do it. 
The guide is designed to help you find relevant information to optimize your experiments to get the right answers. 
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Flow cytometry is an invaluable technology with the ability to generate a wide variety of biological data. However it is a complex technique which can be overwhelming particularly if you are at the beginning of your flow journey.

Our popular Flow Cytometry Basics Guide provides an essential tool to understand all the important facets of flow cytometry including how to optimize your experiments, what controls to use to get reliable data, and how to build multicolor panels.

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New Secondary 
Antibody Guide

Flow Cytometry Basics Guide (Full edition)

The guide includes:

  • Principles of the Flow Cytometer
  • Principles of Fluorescence
  • Data Analysis
  • Controls in Flow Cytometry
  • Optimizing your Experiments
  • Multicolor Panel Building
  • Common Applications and New Technology
  • Common Protocols

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We are constantly expanding our range of antibodies and reagents, resources, and online tools to help you choose the right antibodies, and design experiments with confidence so you can achieve more.

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Our Range

Bio-Rad offers over 3,000 flow cytometry tested antibodies available across many species with a range of 26 fluorophores as well as supporting reagents like viability dyes, Fc blocks, and staining buffers.

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Other Resources

Viability Dye Fridge Magnet

Handy fridge magnet stating fixable and non-fixable viability dyes suitable for use in flow cytometry, and showing excitation and emission wavelengths.

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We have expanded the guide to include new sections on controls, experimental design, multicolor panel building, uses of flow cytometry and more.

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Designed as a quick reference guide when you are in the lab, this compact pocket guide contains checklists and tips to ensure your experiment will be a success.

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