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Mahmoud A. Bassal

with Mahmoud A. Bassal, PhD,

scRNA‑Seq paired with high‑speed cell sorting reveals previously hidden quiescent stem cell subset within rare HSPC population

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Dr. Bassal discusses how pairing fluorescence‑activated cell sorting with single‑cell RNA‑sequencing (scRNA-Seq) enabled him to assess the heterogeneity of a rare peripheral blood‑derived HSCP population and uncover a previously hidden stem cell subpopulation.

Single‑cell technologies have enabled investigation of cellular heterogeneity in a wide range of tissues and cell populations, yielding novel insights into the composition, dynamics, and regulatory mechanisms of cell states in development and disease. While scRNA‑Seq is instrumental in the identification of rare cell subsets, significant challenges remain when using this tool to assess the heterogeneity of rare cell populations. In this webinar, Dr. Bassal will discuss research in which he combines fluorescence‑activated cell sorting and scRNA‑Seq to analyze the transcriptional heterogeneity of a rare CD34+/CD45+ leukocyte subset. This combined approach revealed the hematopoietic maturation and differentiation hierarchical tree in near entirety and identified a potentially novel sub‑population of progenitors which appear to be transcriptionally inactive with respect to other populations.

Mahmoud A. Bassal

Mahmoud A. Bassal, PhD,
Researcher at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School and Cancer Science Institute of Singapore, National University of Singapore

Dr. Bassal earned his PhD at the University of South Australia investigating germline variations that can give rise to the altered metabolic phenotypes observed in adult Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Currently, he works between the Harvard Medical School and CSI Singapore investigating healthy and tumor micro-environments at the single-cell level in addition to understanding DNA/RNA-binding protein biology.