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For over 50 years, Bio-Rad has provided scientific researchers with the chromatography tools they need to isolate and purify proteins from the laboratory scale through clinical trials and into bioprocess manufacturing. Our comprehensive chromatography portfolio spans across drug discovery and development to fulfill the needs of your protein purification workflow. Explore our extensive selection of technical information to help streamline your purification process.


NGC Chromatography Systems

Designed by You. Built by Bio-Rad.

The NGC Liquid Chromatography System is an automated solution focused on biomolecule purification at the research, process-development, and laboratory-scale levels. At the core of the NGC platform is a truly modular and scalable system combined with a single, intuitive software package for system control and evaluation. Learn more about how the NGC Chromatography System aligns and scales to fit your requirements.


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Automated Multidimensional (Multi-D) Chromatography

Save Days by Automating Multistep Purifications

Protein purification often requires multiple column steps, which can be time-consuming and require constant supervision. Multi-D chromatography is a feature of the NGC System that automates multistep purifications using complementary strategies to isolate your product of interest at high yields and purity levels run after run. Compared to traditional sequential chromatography workflows, which require running single columns sequentially, Multi-D chromatography sets up an automated workflow and consolidates day-long methods into hour-long protocols without requiring user intervention, allowing you to save valuable time.


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Bioprocess Production Resins

The Direct Path to Successful Process Separations

Bio-Rad manufactures a wide range of chromatography resins for process separations, providing process developers with great flexibility and high productivity. Our leading chromatography resins for biomolecule purifications include best-in-class ion exchange resins and our innovative mixed-mode resins.

Mixed-Mode Resins

CHT Ceramic Hydroxyapatite and Nuvia Mixed-Mode Resins offer unique separation properties and unparalleled selectivity and resolution for a variety of molecules. They combine ion exchange and metal affinity or hydrophobic interactions to enable the separation of biomolecules that appear homogeneous using other methods. These resins can be used at any stage in a purification process.

Affinity Resins

Ready-to-use activated affinity media and IMAC and Protein A resins are available for affinity purification of biomolecules. Protein A resins can be used for different monoclonal antibody (mAb) purification needs. Nuvia IMAC Resin, a high-capacity next-generation metal chelate affinity resin, is designed with downstream purification requirements in mind. Its optimized particle size and high porosity allow operation at increasingly higher flow rates without compromising binding capacity.

Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography and Size Exclusion Chromatography Resins

Hydrophobic resins provide high mechanical strength and low backpressure for bioprocessing applications. They are ideal for protein, polypeptide, enzyme, and nucleic acid purification. These resins are designed specifically for intermediate purification steps to remove host-cell contaminants from partially purified targets. Due to the rigidity and unique surface chemistry of these resins, they are well-suited for HIC operations requiring high throughput and high recovery of the target.

Our size exclusion resins are engineered for gentle, high-resolution separation of sensitive compounds in aqueous or organic solutions. The size exclusion resins and polyacrylamide beads are available in various mesh sizes to accommodate a wide range of applications.

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Resins Applications

Resin Applications

Innovative Products. Diverse Applications.

Bio-Rad's extensive portfolio of resins encompasses innovative mixed-mode and ion-exchange resins. Our top-of-the-line resins provide superior pressure/flow properties, high binding capabilities, and low backpressure. These properties make our resins compatible with many applications, from lab scale to bioprocess manufacturing. Learn more about how our resins have been used for applications including monoclonal antibody (mAb) purification, virus purification, protein purification, and aggregate removal.

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Resin Applications


To learn more about the wide array of products offered by Bio-Rad, visit our booth at one of the many events we attend throughout the year. Meet our experts, see our newest products, and learn how we can provide you with solutions for your evolving research needs.

Date Conference Location
2018-10-15 Event passed - testing example location
February 5-6, 2020 BioInnovation Summit Berlin, Germany
February 26-28, 2020 BPI Asia Kyoto, Japan
May 31- June 3 PREP Baltimore, Maryland
July 21-23, 2020 Bioprocessing Summit Barcelona, Spain

Upcoming Events

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BioInnovation Summit

February 5-6, 2020
Berlin, Germany
  • Discuss our new chromatography resins with our Process Specialists
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BPI Asia

February 26-28, 2020
Kyoto, Japan
  • Visit the poster session and learn about Nuvia aPrime 4a hydrophobic AEX Resin


May 31- June 3
Baltimore, Maryland
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  • Attend our Lunch Workshop and discover strategies for your purification platform
  • Visit our booth and request resin samples for biomolecule purification
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Bioprocessing Summit

July 21-23, 2020
Barcelona, Spain
  • Visit the poster session and learn about Nuvia aPrime 4a hydrophobic AEX Resin

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