New Lab and New Grant Program

Secure your success on time and within budget.

Set up your lab efficiently with the New Lab and New Grant Program. Bio-Rad offers laboratory reagents and instrumentation for a wide range of applications, including digital, real-time and conventional PCR, western blotting, cell biology, and protein purification. Whether starting a new lab or scaling up, we can provide a customized package that fits your needs.

You can participate if you are:

  • A new grant recipient
  • Opening a new lab within your institution or new company
  • Expanding or renovating your existing lab
  • Relocating to new premises

Participate in the program and gain:

  • Efficiency ‐ Maximize your time by working with a single-source supplier
  • Discounts ‐ Extend your budget with exclusive deals
  • Support ‐ Simplify your lab setup and utilize our industry expertise

Start your journey with us and have a Bio-Rad representative contact you.

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What does it actually take to establish and grow a successful start-up?

"To deliver public value, ImmunoServ was founded in 2020 and has established sustained revenues and a global customer base. As a start-up, speed & agility are key-factors to enable business growth. The journey should include passion, purpose and people. First and foremost for any scientiffic company, the science behind its products or services needs to be solid. Chosing suppliers and key partners that can enable business growth and for the start-up to stay agile is vital. Bio-Rad has been very helpful with this journey."

James Hindley

CEO ImmunoServ

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New Laboratory Start‑Up Guide
New Laboratory Sourcing Guide

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