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Streamline your routine HbA1c testing using the D-100 system. It combines the security of HPLC technology with a unique ‘one-touch’ operation to simplify the workflow – all without sacrificing the accurate and precise results you depend upon.

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Manual Steps

The table below shows the number of manual steps required to process the daily HbA1c workload:

ActivityImmunoassayCap ElectroOther HPLCD-100
Daily Maintenance
Instrument start-up
Reagent preparation
QC preparation
QC running
QC data entryAutomatic
Sample mixing
Sample preparation
Sample running

Total Interactions

Compiled from assay instructions, the graph below summarises the total number of interactions required to process 10,000 HbA1c tests:


VII Turbo



Cap Elect


Unnecessary Movement

Based on actual observations in customer laboratories, the spaghetti diagrams below illustrate the operator movements required to prepare an HbA1c run:

D-100 System

Typical movement of operators to prepare 6 D-100 systems

• NO daily maintenance

• NO start-up activitie

• Automatic QC (with Unity)

Immunoassay System

Typical movement of operators to prepare 2 immunoassay systems

• Daily maintenance

• Start-up activities

• Manual QC transcription

First Patient Result

The following data shows the total time taken for the first HbA1c result of the day to be produced - with daily maintenance, instrument start-up and running QC included.


Total Turnaround Time

Based on actual laboratory observations, the diagram below illustrates the total processing time required for 300 samples:

Sample Preparation

The complexity of sample preparation varies by type of technology, but typically includes the following steps:

D-100 System


Capillary Electro

Immunoassay 1

Immunoassay 2

Operator Maintenance

The D-100 system requires very little operator maintenance compared to a capillary electrophoresis system:

D-100 System

Clean the System
- Automatic, every 30,000 tests
Capillary Electrophoresis

Clean the Capillaries
- Manual, every 500 samples

Clean the Probe
- Manual, every week

Prepare Wash Solution
- Manual, every 600 samples

Replace DI Water
- Manual, every day

What D-100 Customers Are Saying

“In general we can say that we have never worked with an instrument which is as easy to use as the D-100. Bio-Rad has really listened to the wishes of users with regards to ease of use of the instrument. The analytical performance of the D-100 is excellent.”

Klinisch Chemisch Laboratorium, Isala Zwolle, Netherlands

“The Bio-Rad D-100 system is a fully automated, user-friendly, high throughput HPLC system giving accurate and reproducible results. The system showed a reduced hands-on time, simple calibration process, very good workflow efficiency thanks to the intuitive interface, and a high speed HbA1c assay in 45 seconds. D-100 therefore displays the appropriate characteristics to be used as a routine method in clinical laboratories.”

Centro per la Riferibilità Metrologica in Medicina di Laboratorio, Università degli Studi, Milano

“With an 80‑test hourly throughput and a 10,000 sample analytical column, the D-100 system meets the needs of high volume laboratories. The D-100 also maximises workflow efficiency. We found that it provides a consistent and thorough review of every result. With the built-in result review criteria and the bi‑directional LIS interface, >90% of our patient samples are run and verified with no technician intervention.”

Maricopa Integrated Health System, Phoenix, AZ


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