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For more than 50 years, Bio-Rad has provided scientific researchers with the chromatography tools they need to discover and purify proteins from laboratory scale through clinical trials and into bioprocess manufacturing. Our comprehensive chromatography portfolio, built on the flexibility and modularity of the NGC Chromatography System, spans drug discovery and development to fulfill the needs of your purification workflow. Explore this extensive selection of information to streamline your purification process.

Why NGC?

The NGC Chromatography System gives you the flexibility, scalability, and capability to discover more in less time. When you choose the NGC System, you get superior support throughout your purification experience, with a wealth of information at your fingertips to get you started and dedicated field service engineers, technical support, and field application scientists available to ensure your success.

The NGC System supports:

Small-scale purification efforts for

  • downstream assays in target identification and validation
  • lead discovery and optimization
  • preclinical research

Process-scale development for

  • clinical research
  • manufacturing operations
  • quality control (QC) procedures

Target Discovery

Lead Discovery

Preclinical Research

Clinical Research

Process Development


NGC Quest System

NGC Discover System

NGC Discover Pro System

All systems work with Bio-Rad industry-leading columns and resins.

Rigorous Testing during Development

Every NGC Chromatography System is built in our ISO 9001–accredited manufacturing facility and
undergoes nine hours of QC testing before being carefully packed and shipped.



With no peak broadening or
pressure fluctuations.



Reproducibly formulating buffers under the most rigorous conditions over and over again.



Equivalent to running continually for eight hours a day, five days a week for nine months.

NGC Chromatography System Highlights
Modular Design Create the system that best suits your application.
Intuitive Get started quickly with an integrated home page that has all the functions you need.
Automated Create a method from a template that allows you to purify with the push of a button.

Chromatography Systems

Taking You from Discovery to Process Development

When you are purifying proteins for drug discovery and development, it’s all about time. See how the NGC Chromatography System allows you to get to your purified protein faster and with increased reproducibility.

Build your dream chromatography system

Some of the frustrations in protein purification stem from unmet chromatography needs, such as automation, productivity, throughput, and reproducibility among others. Bio-Rad's multidimensional (Multi-D) chromatography method addresses these issues and provides solutions for faster, more efficient, and more reliable protein purifications. Find out how.

What is Multi-D chromatography?

Use the following to automate your Multi-D chromatography on the NGC System:

  • Connect an autosampler via the SIM module
  • Run an easily customizable method
  • Plumb the system with a helpful guide

The NGC Fraction Collector paired with the NGC Chromatography System has the capability to produce purified biomolecules for discovery and small-scale batch production on one hardware and software platform.

Access your fractions when, how, and in the collection vessel you need. With automated collection options for analytical to preparative chromatography applications, the NGC Fraction Collector:

  • Ensures maximum flexibility within a method by collecting into 96-well plates, tubes, and bottles
  • Collects based on customized trigger options for each phase: slope, %B, pH, and detector signals
  • Enables faster downstream analysis with easy access

ChromLab Software makes purifying proteins on the NGC Chromatography System easier. It provides intuitive navigation to all key functions, has method templates to get you started quickly, and provides single-click analysis, including peak integration and overlay.

NEW ChromLab v6.0 Software:

  • Allows easy access to all pertinent information with a single touch
  • Enables module mapping to simplify system configuration setup
  • Allows streamlined method development–based functional phases
  • Utilizes intuitive functions to ensure seamless data integration and analysis
  • Allows multisystem control from a single PC
  • Permits user, group, and NGC System management
  • Enables U.S. FDA CFR Part 11 compliance with the security edition
  • Allows changes to flow rate, %B, valve positions, and fraction collection on the fly during a method run
  • Ensures runs are not interrupted by air sensor sensitivity control

Automated Method Optimization — Scouting

With the scouting feature within ChromLab Software, easily find your optimal purification conditions:

  • In hours to days versus weeks
  • By screening single parameters in an automated fashion
  • With reproducible, automated buffer creation using the buffer blending valve and prepopulated buffer recipes
  • By evaluating several parameters within a method based on design of experiment (DOE) or screening up to 384 samples with multivariable scouting
Find out more about scouting ▸

Does the NGC System fit your needs?

Chromatography + Stain-Free Gels

Proven method for confirming protein purity and yield

Stain-free SDS-PAGE gels provide visual confirmation of protein purity and yield in minutes instead of hours by eliminating all staining and destaining steps. With Bio-Rad's chromatography + stain-free workflow, not only can you easily set up methods and automate much of your purification scheme using the NGC Chromatography System and our resins, but once you've collected fractions, you can easily visualize which one to run on a gel via the fraction heat map within ChromLab Software.

Why spend more time than you need to? Avoid the waste and confidently assess your fractions on stain-free gels.

Use stain-free gels to quickly:

  • Assess protein purity and MW in 25 minutes
  • Identify which fractions to pool
  • Optimize chromatography runs

Why Adopt the NGC Chromatography System and Stain-Free Gels Workflow?

NGC System + Stain-Free Workflow


Saves Time

Automated Chromatography
Stain-Free Gels

Reduces Cost

Traditional Workflow


Manual Chromatography
Gel Stain and Destain

Visual confirmation of protein purity and yield by gel electrophoresis in under 30 minutes




Simplified protein purification


Fast run times


Quick protein visualization

Speed up your purification workflow


Discover more in less time

Get to your purified protein quickly and reproducibly using the NGC Chromatography System along with our columns and resins. Whether you are screening potential leads for monoclonal antibody therapeutics, purifying protein for further analysis, or studying protein structure and function, Bio-Rad's protein purification offerings have what you need to discover more in less time.

Column and Cartridge Selection Guide

Protein Purity


100% Homogeneity

Select a purification step above to see which columns and/or cartridges we recommend using for that particular step in your purification process.

It’s about time for:

  • Unattended multicolumn purification — confidently walk away after pushing a button with Multi-D chromatography
  • Easy purification setup and analysis with ChromLab Software


  • Faster size exclusion with ENrich SEC Columns
  • Tech support excellence

Find the right column for your application

Downstream Processes

Innovative products, customized solutions

Bio-Rad manufactures a wide range of chromatography resins for process separations, providing downstream process developers with great flexibility and high productivity. Our leading chromatography resins for biomolecule purifications include best-in-class ion exchange resins and innovative mixed-mode resins. Explore our resins and see how they can help you with your downstream protein purification process.

Screen our process resins today

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