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Bio-Rad Launches Exact Diagnostics Verification Panels and Controls

Molecular quality controls and verification panels - elevating performance by delivering traceability, commutability, and reproducibility to high-impact molecular testing.

Every day, infectious disease testing ensures patient safety in pre and post-operative surveillance. Reporting an incorrect result can have a critical impact on the patient, and yet at the same time, ensuring quality can be challenging and time-consuming. Having the right molecular verification panels and quality controls can help verify and monitor your testing performance, giving you confidence in your laboratory results.

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Webinar on Quality Control in Molecular Labs

Managing Quality Control in the Molecular Lab : This scientific webinar will be focused on educating lab professionals on best in class quality control processes based on ISO 15189 requirements and on the CLSI guidelines of which Jeremy was a co-author.

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Exact Diagnostics Un-assayed Quality Controls and Verification Panels for Infectious Disease

Molecular verification panels and un-assayed quality control products for respiratory, transplant, virology, microbiology, sexually transmitted infections, and vector-borne diseases.

Exact Diagnostics Respiratory

Un-assayed quality controls and multi-analyte quality controls to monitor the presence and establish points of reference for the measurement of common respiratory pathogens including SARS-CoV-2. These un-assayed controls are designed to test the entire process of a molecular assay including extraction, detection and amplification.

SARS-CoV-2 Run ControlRespiratory Run Controls
  • Compatible with most current molecular kits
  • Confirm your test detects target genes and cover a wide range of assay targets (E, N, ORF1a, RdRP, and S)
RP Positive Run Control

  • RP Positive Run Control contains 22 respiratory analytes
  • Internally value assigned using digital droplet PCR technology.
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Exact Diagnostics Transplant

Un-assayed quality controls and verification panels to monitor the presence and establish points of reference for the measurement of pathogens common in transplant testing such as Adenovirus, BKV, Parvovirus B19, CMV, EBV, HHV-6, HSV 1&2, JCV and VZV.

AdenovirusBKVParvovirus B19CMV
Verification PanelHigh and low run control, unassayed Verification PanelHigh and low run control, unassayed Verification PanelHigh and low run control, unassayed Verification PanelsHigh and low run control, unassayed
Verification PanelHigh and low run control, unassayed Verification Panels (A & B)High and low run control (unassayed) Verification PanelHigh and low run control, unassayed Verification PanelHigh and low run control, unassayed
Verfication panels bundle Verification PanelHigh and low run control, unassayed Verification PanelHigh and low run control, unassayed

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The Exact Diagnostics product line was developed to answer a broad range of quality control needs. Since Exact Diagnostics joined Bio-Rad, we’re proud to extend our transplant offering outside of the USA. Stay tuned to learn more about the rest of the range as it receives CE-IVD approval in the coming months.

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Experience the Advantages of Unity for Your Data Management

Want to better assess your lab’s analytical performance to report the most reliable and precise results?

Bio-Rad’s Unity Data Management solution is designed to monitor the performanceof your Molecular QC program. Assessment tools and easy-to-read reports help increase your performance, streamline workflow, and allow you to report results with confidence.

Are you spending your time manually analyzing QC data with outdated programs?Improve Lab

Automatically track QC performance over time

Increase performance with easy-to-read reports, efficient troubleshooting, early detection of system errors and automation.
Can you proactively detect errors
that may lead to troubleshooting, assay repeats and workflow delays?
Improve laboratory Workflow.

Track Bias and Imprecision

Proactively detect unnoticed shifts and trends in your systems that may cause system downtime and delays in reporting patient results.
How do you compare with other labs running the same QC lot on the same platform?Confidence in results.

Compare your results with other labs

Benefit from a comprehensive overview of your monthly and cumulative QC performance compared to peer and method consensus groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products multi-use? 
The linearity panels are single use. The transplant un-assayed controls are multi-use (4 freeze thaws supported). 

Are these inactivated viruses? How do you inactivate? 
The materials are whole, intact virus that have been heat-inactivated. 

What is the shelf life of your transplant controls?
The transplant linearity panels and un-assayed controls have between a 24 to 36 month shelf life depending on the product.  

Are your controls a full-process control/Are your controls whole virus? 
Our un-assayed controls are whole organism, serving as a control throughout extraction, amplification and detection.  

What is the conversion from IU/mL to cp/mL?  
This varies between analytes but can typically be found on the Product Insert.

Do your transplant controls come in liquid form or are they lyophilized?  
The majority of our transplant products are in a True EDTA matrix, with a handful in synthetic CSF, therefore they are in a liquid form when utilized and are shipped/stored frozen.

What are the concentrations of your controls? 
The EDX products are un-assayed controls. Each lab is required to develop their own range. 

Will your controls work for my assay (LDT or IVD)? 
Yes, they are un-assayed controls and work across various platforms. .

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