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For over 60 years, Bio-Rad has helped improve the quality of patient care by committing to quality control innovations. Innovation that matters - for your laboratory and for your patients.

Whether you are looking for cutting-edge quality controls, world-class support and data management tools or risk management software that bring you peace of mind, we have been working to get you there.

Our quality control developments

Our independent quality controls and data management systems help you to focus on assessment and prevention, to reduce failure costs.

Automate your HIL interference checks

Gain greater confidence in reporting patient test
results by monitoring for HIL interferences

Learn how Serum Indices can help you to be confident

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Simplify your QC workflow

Simpler, smarter QC Barcoded, load-and-go controls reduce
hands-on time and manual errors, streamlining your
workflow and giving you more freedom

Learn how to improve your workflow efficiency

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Where is your lab on a scale of risk?

What is your laboratory’s level of confidence that out-of-control 
conditions are quickly identified? Determine your laboratory's
performance and risk of reporting incorrect patient results.

Find out more about Mission: Control

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Expert QC Data Management Solutions

Ensure no bad result reaches your lab. Work proactively,
identifying trends and making corrections before results are compromised.

Learn more about Unity

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Quality, Innovation, and Trust

Find out how innovative techology can boost quality control operations and reduce the risk of error in your lab.

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The cost of quality

Do you know the true cost of poor quality?
Test results from your laboratory can really make a difference in patient care and treatment. Bio-Rad can take the mystery out of quality control.

The right QC is about what laboratories should do to ensure that patient results are correct and reliable to their intended use

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Our support and education initiatives

Education and training

Improve your working knowledge of our QC solutions and services.

Whether you need the basics or want to be an expert in clinical diagnostics quality control, we have QC answers to make you comfortable with designing and implementing the best QC solution for your unique laboratory.

  • Customized software training
  • QCLive
  • YouTube QC and software videos
  • Training resources
  • Educational materials
  • Regulatory websites
  • Webinars

QC Education


Tools and support from our Quality Assurance experts to help answer your quality control questions.

  • Support Documents
  • Unity Quick Tips
  • Software Support
  • QC Program
  • Technical Services

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The Bio-Rad External Quality Assurance Services (EQAS) offers an independent, external snapshot of your laboratory performance compared to your peers.

Accepted as invaluable tools around the world, the EQAS programs complement your qality control practices to provide an independent, external snapshot of your lab's performance in comparison to your peers.

  • Over 25,000 program participants in more than 110 countries
  • ISO/IEC 17043:2010 accredited provider and meets ISO 15189 EQA requirements
  • Convenient online and mobile reporting options
  • Comprehensive analyte menus for a wide range of diagnostic tests
  • Reference Method Values provided for select programs
  • Simple enrollment process

EQAS Gateway

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Contact us to discuss our quality controls, world-class support and data management tools or risk management software.

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