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Harness the Power of Genome Editing Technologies

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Harness the Power of
Genome Editing Technologies (View Abstract)

Recent progress in the field of Genome Editing has opened new applications and allowed researchers to generate new animal models to study gene function and diseases. Genome Editing has traditionally been hampered poor efficacy and labor-intensive procedures. Electroporation based solution significantly mitigate this challenge. On top of that, it has been cited (Chen S et al 2016) as a simple and economical strategy especially for in vivo genome editing.

Another major challenge to Genome Editing is that isolating rare recombinant iPS cell clones is difficult without antibiotic selection. To help solve this problem, Dr. Yuichiro Miyaoka and his team has developed a method (Miyaoka et al 2014) that allows efficient clone selection.

DATE: 9th August 2017, Wednesday
TIME: 10:00 AM to 12.30 PM
VENUE: Kenneth Lo Classroom (P4703) (map)
4/F Yeung Kin Man Academic Building (Purple Zone)
HOST: City University of Hong Kong
- Department of Biomedical Science
Yuichiro MIYAOKA, Ph.D.
Project Leader,
Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science,
Tokyo, Japan


10:00 AM

Welcome & Registration

10:30 AM


10:40 AM

Molecular Applications of Droplet Digital PCR
– Transforming the way we do Research

Alfred CHAN, Ph.D.
Digital Biology Scientific Application Specialist
Bio-Rad Laboratories, Asia Pacific

10:00 AM

Detection of Genome Editing Outcomes
by Droplet Digital PCR

Yuichiro MIYAOKA, Ph.D.
Project Leader
Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science
Tokyo, Japan

11:00 AM

Improving CRISPR Genome Editing using Hi-Fidelity Cas9 protein and chemically modified crRNAs as an RNP complex

Director of Product Commercialization
Integrated DNA Technologies, US

11:45 AM

Open Discussion

12:00 PM


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