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Flow Cytometry Workbook

Flow cytometry characterizes cells in suspension as they pass through one or more laser beams. Cells that have been labeled using antibodies conjugated to fluorescent dyes emit light at predictable wavelengths when excited by a specific laser. Analysis of the emitted light allows the cells to be characterized. Flow cytometry is complex and needs a level of understanding to get the results that you can trust.

This flow cytometry workbook will teach you the principles of flow cytometry, equipping you with crucial knowledge to plan and perform flow experiments with confidence.

Topics covered in the workbook by module:

  1. Introduction to Flow Cytometry Basics
  2. Inside a Flow Cytometer
  3. Fluorescence and Flow Cytometry
  4. Sample Preparation
  5. Target Protein Detection
  6. Controls
  7. Multicolor Flow Cytometry
  8. Data Acquisition and Analysis
  9. Cell Sorting
  10. Planning Your Own Flow Cytometry Experiments

Flow Cytometry Workbook

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