On-Demand Webinar

Expand Your Spectral Flow Cytometry Knowledge and
Panel Size

Andres Ramirez PhD

with Andres Ramirez PhD,
Flow Cytometry Specialist,
Bio-Rad Laboratories

Full spectrum flow cytometry is becoming increasingly popular as it offers novel fluorescent dye combinations, improving flexibility and increasing multicolor panel size. This webinar explains the differences between spectral and conventional flow cytometry and considers best practice for spectral flow cytometry. Fluorescent dye selection, controls, sample preparation and panel design will be discussed, helping you to generate optimal data.

We also demonstrate that Bio-Rad’s new StarBright Dyes have exceptional brightness, unique spectral profiles and stability and high lot-to-lot reproducibility, making them ideal for spectral flow cytometry. We show how their unique profiles enable novel dye combinations and the creation of larger panels of increased complexity.

In this webinar:

  • Fluorophore requirements for spectral flow cytometry 
  • Best practice for panel building in spectral flow cytometry 
  • StarBright Dyes, their properties and how they can improve multicolor panels 
  • How StarBright Dyes can help to build larger, more complex panels
Andres Ramirez PhD

Andres Ramirez PhD
Flow Cytometry Specialist ,
Bio-Rad Laboratories

Dr. Andrès Ramirez acquired state-of-the-art expertise, both technical and experimental, in flow cytometry technology during his academic training. After graduating as a biotechnology engineer, he enrolled in a molecular and cell biology PhD program at the Catholic University of Chile. His PhD thesis focused on the modulation of skeletal muscle regeneration by macrophages. In parallel, he was a driving force participating in the creation of a new flow cytometry core lab in Santiago. He supervised the lab until 2017 before transferring to the University of Los Andes, Santiago, to become head of the flow cytometry laboratory.

In his different positions, Andrès used flow cytometry in a range of research studies from phytoplankton to immune cells, and from fundamental science to cell-based therapies for osteoarthritis. He then decided to take a new challenge and cross an ocean to become a regional sales specialist in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa for flow cytometry at Bio-Rad. His skills enable him to speak with engineers about the technique, with scientists about biology, and with flow cytometry users about their experiments.