Using the Bio-Plex Pro Human Immunotherapy Panel to Elucidate Changes in T Cells after Treatment with Nivolumab

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with Larry Wong, PhD, Senior Scientist

May 19
Tue 9:00AM PST

Anti‑PD1 therapy has proven to be a potent treatment in the fight against hematologic cancers, as evidenced by commercially available, FDA‑approved anti‑PD1 antibodies currently used in patients. However, in solid tumors anti‑PD1 treatment has been less successful due to the complex composition of the tumor microenvironment. Additionally, cancers treated with a certain type of targeted therapy have been shown to upregulate other checkpoint receptors to continue their immune escape. A way to monitor these changes may help clinicians determine the appropriate course of action if a patient stops responding to their therapy. The Bio‑Plex Pro Human Immunotherapy Panel can be used to monitor changes in cytokine expression over the course of treatment. Observed changes in phenotype can be used to coordinate the appropriate follow‑up treatment. The panel includes cytokines found in cytokine release syndrome, a common and potentially deadly side effect of certain anticancer therapies.

In this webinar you learn how to:

  • Quickly monitor 20 cytokine profiles to assess patient response to immunotherapy
  • Confidently evaluate safety profiles associated with biologics
  • Measure cytokine overproduction associated with cytokine release syndrome
  • Perform powerful analysis with multitimepoint, multipatient, and multidose measurements all on one 96‑well plate
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Larry Wong, PhD, Senior Scientist
Larry Wong earned his PhD in Immunology at Northwestern University studying the development of Th17 T cells. Larry did two postdoctoral fellowships where he first studied the role of inflammation in prostatitis at Northwestern University before moving on to study the effect of anti‑PD1 therapy in breast cancer in a preclinical setting at City of Hope National Medical Center. Larry joined Bio‑Rad in 2018 as an Application Scientist.