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Best Practices in Quality Control:
10 Simple Recommendations

Curtis Parvin, PhD

with Curtis Parvin, PhD, Biostatistical Advisor

JUN 24
THU 12PM GMT+8 Singapore

Designing a good QC plan can be a daunting task. These simple recommendations can provide guidance to the lab and are essential to include in a good QC plan. They have been used and proven effective by many labs.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify factors in QC error that contribute to increased patient risk. ​
  2. Describe ways in which quality risk management has contributed to an added set of values that the laboratory should be aware of.​
  3. Recommend 5 QC practices which you can apply in your lab.

Curtis Parvin, PhD

Curtis Parvin, PhD
Biostatistical Advisor

Dr. Parvin served 30 years on the faculty of Washington University School of Medicine as Director of Informatics and Statistics in the Division of Laboratory and Genomic Medicine. Dr. Parvin's training is in biostatistics and medical informatics and focused his career on the application of statistical theory to problems relevant to laboratory medicine. He has co-authored numerous papers that have published in the leading laboratory medicine journals. Dr. Parvin joined Bio-Rad in 2009 as Manager of Advanced Statistical Research in Bio-Rad's Quality Systems Division. He recently entered semi-retirement. He still enjoys working with labs that are looking to improve their QC design and presenting at laboratory conferences around the world.