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Below is an overview of our offerings that support your lab by maximizing efficiency through streamlining your workflows, consolidating platforms, improving turnaround time and gaining confidence in your results.

Quality Controls: Your Strategy For Smarter QC

Powering exceptional labs with complete QC workflow solutions

The key to success for clinical diagnostics labs is a precise and accurate result with every run. Bio-Rad offers quality control solutions that help streamline workflows, reduce errors, maintain compliance, and facilitate accreditation—improving efficiency and saving money. For a fully integrated QC system, from control to data analysis, choose Bio-Rad for independent QC.  Learn more ▸

A1c Testing: Get More Done

Smart HPLC technology without common hemoglobin variant interference

The D-100 System is a highly evolved combination of hardware, software and chemistry derived from tireless R&D, innovation, and customer feedback. It is the pinnacle of Bio-Rad HPLC hemoglobin testing development. The same company that supported pioneering diabetes research with the DCCT and UKPDS clinical trials and powers more NGSP certified labs than any other offers you the benefit of over 40 years of A1c experience. See for yourself why D-100 SMART HPLC separates itself giving you unsurpassed quality results and superior operational efficiency.  Learn more ▸

D‑100 Hemoglobin Testing System

A fully automated, best in class HbA1c analyzer for your high-volume lab. You need not sacrifice quality or workflow efficiency when making a choice for A1c. D-100 delivers more results with less effort.

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Multiplex Testing: More Results, Less Effort

Improve workflow efficiency by simultaneously detecting multiple analytes in one patient sample

The BioPlex 2200 System provides the opportunity to maximize efficiency in your laboratory. With over 50 multiplex assays available today and more in development, you can consolidate platforms for your autoimmune, infectious disease, and vitamin D testing on one platform for full automation, trackline connectivity, streamlined workflows, improved turnaround time, and confidence in results.  Learn more ▸

BioPlex 2200 System

More Results, Less Effort

The BioPlex 2200 System helps your lab streamline workflows and consolidate autoimmune, infectious disease, and vitamin D testing all on one fully automated, trackline compatible, random access platform.

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Blood Typing: Easy, Flexible & Efficient

When the right type matters, choose IH‑Complete

IH‑Complete is the most comprehensive immunohematology product line available from a single supplier. Built around improving productivity, choose the right method, instrument, and informatics to fit your unique lab needs. You decide what your lab looks like.


The latest addition to the IH‑Complete family of immunohematology testing systems, delivers an easy-to-use, fully automated system with random access and minimal user intervention.

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