Workflow Impact of Automated Result Verification for Patient and Donor Blood Typing

Barbara J Bachman, MS, MT(ASCP)SBB, MBB(DA)1, Candace Williams, MT(ASCP)SBB1, Carmen Meyer, MS (Biology)1, Paul Lamonby1, Anne Cleverley, MT(ASCP)1 and Silke Milbradt-Pohan, PhD1

1) Bio-Rad Laboratories

Immunohematology facilities face many challenges including standardization, process control, productivity, staffing and patient safety. To alleviate these challenges, the IH-1000™ instrument and complimentary IH‑Com™ Data Management System (DMS) were designed to provide lean automation to enhance blood testing facility workflow. The enhanced result management options in IH‑Com provides laboratories the ability to automate the release of routine, non‑discrepant, acceptable test results to the LIS without operators having to visually inspect all result images. Each facility has flexibility to establish their site‑specific result verification rules during system implementation.